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Celebrating Year 1 of MrSouthLoop

On September 5th, I officially celebrate the First Anniversary of 

Heres what I shared on Instagram:

Last year I decided I wanted to create an account about the South Loop neighborhood.
I’m a frequent poster on HelloSouthLoop on Facebook, so I thought why not start my own page.

I created this page to help our South Loop community during the pandemic.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to meet so many of you throughout this past year.
So many of you have stopped me on the street and say Hey!

I really enjoyed the personal connections I’ve made with some of the business owners in the neighborhood.

Rita from is an absolute joy.

Shannon and Ashley from @rcshops are two close friends now!

And Kareem from @chickfilasouthloop is wonderful. When I broke my ankle he personally delivered breakfast to me and Kyle.

Because of this page, I’ve tried so many new places! @cantinasouthloop@ilculaccino, and @tapasvalencia312.

Putting together the Holiday Meal Kit list was a lot of work. But so many of you thanked me and took advantage of the deals to help support our community.

Living near Printers Row, I didn’t venture out past our neighborhood. Now I make it a point to.

When I’m not flying, I take Addison for long walks in the South Loop. That’s how I get a lot of my information! Just by waking by.

It’s just me running this page. And I’ll be honest. It’s a lot of work! I’m always up for sharing anything South Loop related. I’ll be honest. I forgot to post stuff, I forgot to respond to messages. Just be patient with me. I promise I’ll get back to you!

This page wouldn’t be what it is today with you. My followers! Thank you for continuing supporting the South Loop and my page!
Keep up the likes, comments, shares, and follows! I really appreciate it!

Here’s to year 1!


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