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Back at Wrigley Field

MrSouthLoop Heads to Wrigley Field! 

Yesterday April 7th, I headed back to Wrigley Field to watch the Chicago Cubs vs. Milwaukee Brewers.

Upon arriving to Wrigleyville via the Red Line. We stopped over at Shake Shack before the game for a quick burger and fries before the game. After that, we headed over to the iconic Wrigley Field sign for some photos! You can't head to a Cubs game without taking a picture of the iconic sign. 

After we were done with our photos, we were ready to enter the ballpark. Our tickets were on the Ballpark app, and the ticket tells you where to enter. Our entry spot was Gallagher Way. We headed over to the Gallagher Way entrance. We showed an employee our tickets and we were let into Gallagher Park. We then walked to the Gallagher Way entrance, as seen in the photo above. There was plenty of signage throughout the entrance and ballpark to remind you of the Covid Protocols. We then scanned our tickets via a contactless reader, walked through a contactless metal detector and then we were inside Wrigley Field! There were staff members if you needed help with scanning your tickets, directions on where to go, and of course, to welcome you to Wrigley Field! Please Note: Gates open 90 minutes prior to the first pitch. 

Once inside the Ballpark, we had designated Restrooms and Concessions for us to use. We used the restroom and then headed over to the concession stand. At the Concession Stand, there was a QR code for Mobile Ordering or you could place your order with a staff member. Keep in mind, no cash is accepted. We ordered with the staff member directly and then heading over to our seats. An employee directed us to our seats. We sat in section 111. Row 7. Great seats right behind the dugout. 

While seated, make sure your mask is on throughout the entire game. Unless you are actively drinking. Staff members walk around throughout the game making sure masks are on. Now our seats were two together. The seats next to us were blocked off and then there was another couple of two nearby. No one was seated directly in front of us, those seats were blocked off too. As of now, the occupancy is only at 25%. Keep in mind, that number is expected to increase throughout the season. While at your seat, you'll still be able to purchase a beer, hotdog, and even tickets to the 50/50 raffle. Keep in mind, all payments are cashless. Another nice feature is you can order directly at your seat and have your beer and or hotdog delivered directly to you! While watching the game, I had a few Bud Lite Seltzer's, a hot dog, and Oatly Ice Cream. 

Unfortunately the Cubs lost! However, we still had a great time! I can't wait to head back to Wrigley Field for another Cubs Game!


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