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 MrSouthLoop Revisits ShowPlace Icon Chicago

Last night I revisited ShowPlace Icon Theatre in the South Loop. Now this wasn't my first visit since the pandemic, it was actually my second one. Despite living literally right behind the Theatre, I tend to see most of my movies at AMC locations throughout the city. I'm an avid moviegoer and AMC offers AMC A List which lets you see up to three movies a week. Anyways, let's get back to covering ShowPlace Icon. On Tuesdays, ShowPlace Icon offers bargain Tuesdays. Tickets purchased online or on the app are $6 and tickets purchased in person are $7. I asked a few friends if they wanted to return to the movies and take advantage of the discount. I purchased Six tickets from the app for our Tuesday evening showing of Promising Young Woman. We ended up having another friend want to join after I already purchased the ticket. So I went back on the app and purchased an additional ticket. Now technically the seat wasn't right next to the original six due to blocking the seats next to our party for covid distancing. However, it worked out just fine since no one else was in the row. At this time, six tickets is the maximum you're allowed to purchase at a time. The Theatre's are also at reduced capacity following all Chicago and Illinois Cinema reopening guidelines. 

When we arrived, we were greeted by an employee who welcomed us and informed us that no cash is being accepted at the Theatre. If we wanted to use cash, we could exchange our cash for a gift card. Now I'm currently using a knee scooter due to a broken ankle. So I wasn't able to use the escalator and had to use the elevator. If you need to use the elevator, you have to check in at the normal entrance, then go over to the elevator and wait inside the elevator until they call it up to the Theatre. Not a big deal, just a bit of a hassle and annoying that we can't just go up there ourselves. The reasoning is to minimize people from using it due to covid. Totally understand. 

Once we were all inside, I had over to the Kiosk to print out our tickets. If you or any member of your group wants to order concessions, you have to use the kiosks for all orders. ShowPlace Icon has scaled back their offerings due to covid. No refills, No large Popcorn, and no combo offerings either. I purchased two large drinks and two medium popcorns. That came out to $30. Keep in mind, for seven tickets the total was $42. But, I can't go to the movies without popcorn! I just can't. I would like to see the return of combo options as well as some sort of refill option. After we purchased our concessions on the kiosks. We followed the marked one way path to the concessions counter. We handed the staff member our voucher receipt. She asked if we wanted salt for our popcorn and pointed us to the direction of the freestyle soda machine. Currently there are only two freestyle machines open and theres an employee to wipe down each machine after each person uses it. I really appreciated this touch. This is something that AMC isn't doing. Also, all ShowPlace Icon employees are wearing masks and face shields. The face shields aren't required at AMC.

 After getting our concessions we headed over to the theatre and took our seats. Now at AMC they do have wipe containers throughout the lobby area that you can get some wipes and wipe down your seat area, Icon didn't. Before the movie started, a welcome video message from ShowPlace Icon executive. The video welcomed us back to the movies, informed us about the theatre's covid procedures, and the rules and expectations while watching the movie. I actually thought the video was very informative. I did learn the Theatre is staggering showings so there isn't large amounts of guests in the lobby at a certain time. The video also showed the cleaning process for the Theatre and the entire building. Now masks are required throughout the showing unless you are actively eating or drinking. At the end of the film, you are asked to exit row by row. Another added feature AMC doesn't do. After the film we all headed for the restroom. The restroom was very clean and had placards placed blocking sinks and urinals for social distancing.

 Overall, I was really impressed with ShowPlace Icon and their commitment to keeping moviegoers safe and welcomed! As of now, ShowPlace Icon is open Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday. In addition to the movies offered, you can rent out a private showing for up to 20 guests. If you're a gamer, you can rent out a Theatre and hook up your gaming system to the big screen! Both offerings can be booked on the app or online. Thanks for reading my Back to the Movies post! I hope to see you at the theatre soon!


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