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Float Sixty South Loop has Permanently Closed.

Float Sixty South Loop located at 1143 S State Street has Permanently Closed. Owner Gloria announced the closure on the Facebook group Hello South Loop. 

Physicians Immediate Care Relocating

Physicians Immediate Care Relocating to 825 S State Starting April 5th, Physicians Immediate Care is relocating from 811 S State to 825 S State. 825 S State was once home to Giglio's and Jimmy Green's restaurants. While I'm sad to lose a restaurant space, I'm happy that Physicians Immediate Care was able to find a new larger home! Thank you Physicians Immediate Care for your continued support and investment to the South Loop.  

Moon Rising

  March 28th 2021.  View from Alta Roosevelt

Insomnia Cookies heading to the South Loop?

  According to a permit issued on March 23rd, a Take Out Cookie Shop has been cleared to start a build out at 30 E Balbo Ave. Other retail space in this building includes Stubhub. Now the permit doesn't directly list Insomnia Cookies, but I can't imagine it being anyone else. I think this location will do extremely well and I'm very excited for Insomnia Cookies to join the South Loop! 

Free Sandwich Day at Manny's Deli March 30th.

  #Mannysmaskchallenge may have failed. But, thanks to an anonymous donor, Manny's Deli free sandwich giveaway is still happening! On Tuesday March 30th, first come first serve. 1,000 free sandwiches will be given away. Limit one per customer. Make sure you’re wearing your mask to claim your free sandwich! Manny's Deli is located at 1141 S Jefferson.

Back to the Movies.

 MrSouthLoop Revisits ShowPlace Icon Chicago Last night I revisited ShowPlace Icon Theatre in the South Loop. Now this wasn't my first visit since the pandemic, it was actually my second one. Despite living literally right behind the Theatre, I tend to see most of my movies at AMC locations throughout the city. I'm an avid moviegoer and AMC offers AMC A List which lets you see up to three movies a week. Anyways, let's get back to covering ShowPlace Icon. On Tuesdays, ShowPlace Icon offers bargain Tuesdays. Tickets purchased online or on the app are $6 and tickets purchased in person are $7. I asked a few friends if they wanted to return to the movies and take advantage of the discount. I purchased Six tickets from the app for our Tuesday evening showing of Promising Young Woman. We ended up having another friend want to join after I already purchased the ticket. So I went back on the app and purchased an additional ticket. Now technically the seat wasn't right next to t

Blood Drive and Fueled by Women events this weekend.

Roosevelt Collection is hosting two big events in the South Loop this weekend.  Blood Drive on Saturday March 27th Fueled by Women Event on Sunday March 28th For More information, click on my Instagram Link below. MrSouthLoop Instagram

Chicago Restaurant Week 2021

Chicago's Restaurant Week is officially here! The annual event started on March 19th and continues to April 4th. Check out the link below to see all the restaurants throughout the City and Suburbs participating! Looking for South Loop restaurants participating? Here you go! I made a little cheat sheet below. Make sure you reach out directly to the restaurants if you have any questions. Which Restaurants are you planning on trying!?


 Hello, and welcome to my page! My name is Alex Linardos.  Thank you so much for checking out my page! I currently run @MrSouthLoop on both Instagram and Facebook. I've decided to take "MrSouthLoop" to the next level. This is my first ever attempt at a Blog / Website so please bare with me! While I'm still going to post daily on both accounts, I'd like to use this site to expand my voice and connect with neighbors who may not be on social media. I created @MrSouthLoop on September 5th 2020 on Instagram. I wanted to bring a spotlight on our South Loop Community. Since starting @MrSouthLoop, I have really gotten to know the neighborhood and some of its residents. It's truly been an honor. I'm having a lot of fun with @MrSouthLoop and I thank you for the continued support!